Come bring your radical book and read with us while enjoying herbal tea made and grown by your Mobile Moon friends! This is a space to read your book silently and share what you learn with the rest of us at the end of the reading session. In botany, the word radicle means the first part of a seedling that emerges from the seed during the process of germination. Both radicle and radical have the same original root in latin radix. Books help us plant a seed of liberation in our minds and we can emerge after it rooted in history and values. Like Angela Davis said "We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.” Radical may feel revolutionary to the status quo, but perhaps not to our bodies and ancient wisdom since it is simply a returning to the “root.” Radical thought uproots the culture to be better, fundamentally changing our society. In this world of loudness and fastness come slow down with us and read. This is a no screen space (no phones or computers). We ask that you bring a physical book or borrow one from bookshelf.

This space will be held every second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 8-9pm starting on Feb 8th. If you want to get involved, contact mobilemoonroots@gmail.comwith the subject “RRTT mailing list”

Queer and Embodied Thursdays:

“The erotic is a measure between the beginnings of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings. It is an internal sense of satisfaction to which, once we have experienced it, we know we can aspire. For having experienced the fullness of this depth of feeling and recognizing its power, in honor and self-respect we can require no less of ourselves.”
- Audre Lorde (the Power of Erotics)
In this series of events, we will gather to enjoy some aspect of being embodied and engaging our senses. We will do so through dance and movement, sound baths, meditation, body art and intuitive painting. All of this will snowball into a final queer and embodied playtime where you can bring your kids and/or your inner child. Queer bodies have a cultural history of reclaiming self-love and acceptance. We do so out of survival and we do so out of joy. We’re here! We’re queer! We are loving our bodies!
Part 1: Feb 22 Time: 7-9pm
Tender Being Dance Workshop with Yasi
Part 2: Mar 21 Time: 7-9pm
Shake the Dust Sound Bath and Meditation with Camlyn
Part 3: April 18 Time: 7-9pm
Mobility and Partner Assists with Jenny
location, updates and more info will be availbale two weeks before event, check out our * insta * for notifications!

We are happy to host a virtual book club to explore queer family building.
Join us 11am-12pm on Zoom beginning February 18!
preceding dates are March 3, 10th, 17th, & 24th
At the beginning of each meeting we’ll summarize a chapter or two and review points to discuss. We will also invite different guests: birth workers and queer parents to share experiences and to questions. 
Baby Making for Everybody by Ray Rachlin and Marea Goodman describes itself as, “a how-to guide and a celebration of the many ways that people create families outside of the traditional heterosexual-nuclear-family model. Combining a step-by-step guide with personal narratives, this book offers prospective parents a blueprint for how to grow their families and to feel supported in the process.” You can find a copy at Under the Umbrella Bookstore!

If interested, send an email to

Many hands, hearts, and minds have collaborated in making the

Mobile Moon Co-op

The grief and gratitude of this queer journey has conjured a nexus of reflection, where all people seeking to remember their inherent sacredness can connect to the earth; to the cycles of the moon, to each other, and to themselves.

A word on financial transparency:

Each quarter 30% of The Mobile Moon Co-op's proceeds go to a solidarity part.  This is an expression of direct mutual aid to the grassroots. The remaining funds compensate for materials and the time and energy of our core members. We are devoted to making high-quality products and hosting meaningful community events. Navigating compensation for this work is a difficult and confusing task! Depending on the month we make anywhere from $8-20/hour.  We ask for donations for many of our events so we can continue honoring our commitment to take care of ourselves and our community in the form of material and financial redistribution. 

We hold values of anti-capitalism and community liberation from oppressive structures. We know that everybody has bills to pay and we don’t want finances to stop anybody participating in our workshops or events. We offer sliding scale, work trade, discounts for QTBIPOC (Queer and Trans Black and Indigenous People of Color) and are open to other ideas for improving inclusivity. Please don’t feel discouraged to join in on an event if you can’t afford the entry, but please write to us and let us know so we can help! Lack of money is not a barrier to entry into our space. 

We encourage everyone to take a moment and reflect on your privilege and hold yourself accountable for what you can truly offer.  We believe in solidarity over charity and acknowledge the cruel and extractive historical processes that have led to certain community members being positioned with greater access to resources than others. If you’d like to give more than the suggested donation and/or sponsor a moonbox or workshop registration for someone else, you are welcome to do so! Just reach out and let us know. 

Thank you to everyone for all the ways you choose to engage with this project! We wouldn’t be here without the mycelial network of support and enthusiasm from you all.