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Intuitive Painting 4-week Course

with Caro

Tuesdays, May 17 & 24th, June 7th & 14th

from 6-8pm

Come paint with Caro!
Join us for a 4-week workshop series, centered on the practice of intuitive painting. Caro (moonbox coordinator and bean behind the product labels that make you giggle) will be guiding us to art by way of connecting with the self, with memory, with sensation and with feeling. We will be exploring the ways in which feeling perhaps matters more than the facts of the way things look when making art, letting the piece unfold and reveal itself over time instead of trying to control what it looks like or where it goes. We will be experimenting with three different process-based art forms over four weeks, culminating in a little gallery gathering on the summer solstice in June.
Join us for experimentation, flow, joy and community.
Tuition is a sliding scale of $30-$50 per class, so ~$120-$200 for the series, plus a $20 material fee. It is encouraged for participants to attend all four classes. The classes are open to drop-ins. Reach out to Caro for questions or other accommodations:

Waning Moon

Farmer-to-Farmer Skill Share + Potluck

at BUG Farms

May 22nd, 2022

3pm MDT

Our usual 11-4 Moon garden day will be ending early at 3pm to be accompanied by a farmer-to-farmer skill share and potluck hosted by Utah Food Coalition!
Kristen and Zach of BUG Farms will be showing us their growing spaces and talking about how they use cover crops to build soil health.
Bring a bike to the Moonstead to ride together after the garden day, or meet us at BUG Farms for 3pm start and a dish to share if you’d like to join us, and RSVP below so they’ll know how many to expect.

Meet up at 3pm: 1415 S Cheyenne St, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

This workshop is FREE, but it still helps us if you sign-up!

New Moon

Plugging Shiitake Mushroom Logs

with Rikki at the Moonstead

May 29th, 2022

11- 4pm MDT

This Sunday during our 11-4 open farm/apothecary/lunch,
we will be featuring local mushroom expert Katie Lawson
for a day-long activity plugging shiitake mushroom spawn
into oak logs at The Moonstead.

This workshop is free and requires no sign-up!

New Moon

Traditional Tamale Workshop

at the Moonstead

May 30th, 2022

5:30-8:30pm MDT

Learn about the history and importance of corn for Indigenous people from Mayan elder Maria Elena Lowe.
The hands-on portion of this workshop will involve processing and cooking corn into traditional tamales.
The class will be in Spanish with English Translation.

Aprende la historia de maiz por la gente Indigena por anciana Maya Maria Elena Lowe.
La practica de este taller supone processeando y cocinando el maiz para hacer tamales tradicionales.
La clase va a ser traducido de espanol a ingles.

This workshop comes with a meal and tea from the land.

Waxing Moon

Earth Building Workshop:

Cob Oven!

at the Moonstead

June 5th, 2022

2pm MDT

During our open farm/apothecary hours and lunch this
week we will be collaborating with Animalia and Utah
Food Coalition on a Food Skills Workshop focusing on
earth building!
We will be cobbling together an earthen pizza oven for
future pizza-gobbling summer nights!
All workshops operate on a sliding scale!
If you are able, we welcome you to donate $5-20 per workshop here,
unless workshop suggests otherwise.