The Mobile Moon Co-op

a femme & queer led collective that aids

communities & ecosystems through education,

empowerment, and botanical stewardship

The Mobile Moon is Going on Tour!

We'll be offering radical land-based trainings, art workshops, tea parties, and handmade botanical products and cross-pollinating with our networks throughout the West Coast and Southwest.

But we need your help!

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+ Learn about growing herbs and food

+ Get invited to members-only events

+ Participate in mutual aid

+ Recieve digital zines and media

+ Support the community



Charlotte Pili is a palagi/Pacifica freelance illustrator, quilter and activist who has been working with the Mobile Moon Co-op since 2018. She has been working  from Chile since 2020 and we want to include her on our tour this Winter. In order to offset travel expenses, our members selected her to be the solidarity partner for the Winter Season.

­­meet the people behind the workings of our little collective

workshops & event happenings

closed but coming soon!

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2551 Hempstead St
Salt Lake City, UT 84119