The Mobile Moon Co-op

a femme & queer led collective that aids

communities & ecosystems through education,

empowerment, and botanical stewardship


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+ Learn about growing herbs and food

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+ Participate in mutual aid

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+ Support the community

workshops & event happenings
April and May 2023

we have all of our previous zines in stock along with the fruiting bodies tarot deck and some special digital goodies

­­meet the team!
Inspire Love Dream is a project founded by Ayanna Allen aka AMEA. The project is in its beginning phase and aims to launch in July, so this season we look forward to working with them and raising funds to get the project off the ground. 30% of all our proceeds will directly support ILD.
Inspire Love Dream aims to be a community resource that provides multidisciplinary tools to assist with strengthening transferable skill sets. Their approach to education and community is centered in mental wellness and sensory-informed education. Transparent international and national connections allow them to offer resources in person and virtually.
Welcome to Inspire Love Dream!

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