a collaborative
organization of
​women & queers
working to create
positive change
We started in Salt Lake City in 2017 as a community-based publication centering herbalism and women's empowerment.
​In our first publication submissions, we were struck by the stories of people without access to institutional healthcare. Many people spoke of wanting natural, sustainable and affordable remedies. We realized that our communities needed a space to learn about herbalism and healing, so by 2018, we converted a 40-foot bus into an herbal apothecary and started offering herbal workshops. In 2019, we purchased a half-acre of land in West Valley City licensed for agricultural, commercial, and residential use where we began growing our own herbs. 
Since our beginnings, we have continued to release our publication on a quarterly basis, but we have expanded our vision as we strive to grow into a cooperative business. With a bus-converted apothecary, farm land, and the support of our community, we are excited to launch our business as a farm-to-bus tea shop and apothecary. 
Our vision for this tea-shop-on-wheels is that it will travel across the Salt Lake Valley and beyond to offer healing remedies. As a cooperative, there will also be business opportunities on the farm as it becomes a space for people to attend private sessions, group classes, workshops, and events. With the launch of the Mobile Moon Coop, we will continue selling our publication in addition to teas, tinctures, salves, oils, fresh herbs, and other herbal products. We will also sustain a monthly member program where patrons receive a handmade selection of herbal products on a monthly basis. 
As the practitioners of the Mobile Moon Coop, we are working towards a business model that is collaborative. Through a cooperative model, we imagine our products as vital community resources and hope that our land can become a space where other healers and health practitioners can offer their services to a growing community. Ultimately, through the distribution of herbal products and by offering education, we strive to aid communities and ecosystems through education, empowerment, and botanical stewardship. 
- We will implement a framework of intersectionality to support individuals who have been the most marginalized by systems of oppression. 
- We operate through mutual aid rather than charity and aim to enhance, rather than replace pre-existing community systems. 
- We will work with and learn from the land, plants, and fungi in order to make possible a healthier, more fulfilled way of life for everyone. 
- We will recognize and respect indigeneity by engaging with decolonizing practices such as acknowledging historic and present day injustices (forced removal, genocide, displacement) on First Nation peoples and emphasizing harmonious land relations. 
- We will welcome critical feedback because growth is a collective process.
Mobile Moon Co-op Summer Solstice 2019

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