The Moonstead will open to the public again in the spring!
Have you wanted to see the garden and the bus in person? Have you been curious about our little sproutlings? Have you wanted to meet the team?
Our apothecary will be open and we will be on site at these times!
These times may be subject to change if staffing is limited or something comes up.
We will try to make sure to update here if that occurs, but feel free to follow us on Instagram for updates on schedule changes!
The Moonstead is an herb farm and community gathering space. We use regenerative practices to cultivate a diverse selection of herbs and foods. We make sure that these lovingly-tended plants make their way into the community via Moonboxes, events, and volunteer work days. We also lease 1/4 acre to Grand Prismatic Seeds, a queer-owned and operated seed producer that focuses on native edible and medicinal plants. 
Our garden was designed with embodiment and intention. There are seven trees planted in alignment with the body's "chakras" - or energy centers; Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. Each  of these trees is the center of a "keyhole" garden, or beds that minimize path space while still creating access to crops. In each chakra garden, we have planted herbs that balance these key regions of the body. In this way, we are building a resilient ecosystem on the land that we aim to see reflected the resilient ecosystem of our bodies and communities. Given our arid climate and heavy clay soils, we feed the soil with plenty of mulch, compost, and living microbes. We do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers on site. 
In Spring of 2019, The Moonstead was a vacant lot. It was a field of thistles, dandelions, cleavers, and chicory with eight Siberian Elm trees and a rusty set of trampoline springs. We observed the beauty of the site for some time before laying out a plan and diving in. By the Summer Solstice, we were able to host a Farm-to-Table dinner with the bus on-site, live music, and the garden freshly-established. By 2020, we had an agreement to lease the back of the lot to Grand Prismatic. We built a storage shed, a greenhouse nursery, and an outdoor kitchen using mostly upcycled and on-site materials. The Moonstead is a testament to the power of community. Throughout the process, we have stressed the importance of restoration in all processes. When we come together, we are always learning. When we build together, it is a process of empowerment and reclamation of skills. When we dig into the Earth and plant seeds or harvest what has grown, it is a consensual and reciprocal relationship. 
James Young and Guy Banner are the co-owners and farmers of Grand Prismatic Seed. They are committed to growing high quality open pollinated seeds that can withstand the stresses associated with high desert crop production. James has a passion for growing plants/seeds used for natural dyeing. Guy has an affinity for medicinal herbs and plants native to the Great Basin, Intermountain West, and Colorado Plateau. His background includes ethnobotany, habitat restoration, agroecology, native seed production, and ornamental gardening.
We lease 1/4 acre to Grand Prismatic Seeds for growing purposes.