The Spring Season of Community Supported Herbalism is closed, but the Autumn Season( September - November) will open up soon. Be on the lookout for our announcement!

Membership will include a digital zine subscription, voting rights on major MMC decisions, and three monthly autumnal Moonboxes composed of our hand-crafted herbal products made for you with lots of love.

August - Leo

Moonbox items

Leo season glows with confidence. The heat of August is for expansion, inclusivity, and playfulness. Purr and roar with a spirit of adventure. It is a time to invite new activity into your life, to radiate sweetness, and let your freak flag fly!
+ Chocolagandha Paste
+ ClariTea Blend
+ Lavender Burn Bundle
+ Radish seeds
+ Caroz Observations Art Cards
Herbaceous Gift:
Punky Buddy Salve

September - Virgo

Autumn CSH Sneak Peek - Moonbox Items

+ Smoking Blend by AMEA
+ Kale seeds
+ Plant Ally Travel Oracle
+ Sun and movement whipped body butter
These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.