This season 30% of proceeds from the Mobile Moon Coop will directly benefit Save Our Great Salt Lake.

Three Moonboxes delivered monthly

Support your local femme and queer herbalists!

The description should be short but informative 

The description should be short but informative 

The Mobile Moon is opening up for our Spring season CSH (Community Supported Herbalism)! This season (March - May) members will recieve three monthly springy Moonboxes composed of our hand-crafted herbal products made for you with lots of love. Membership also includes a digital zine subscription and input on major MMC decisions.
Pisces (March):
+ Tangy , sweet and exfoliating Lemongrass sugar scrub
+ Herbal steam blend from the Moonstead garden
+ Cool uterus oxymel - a honey vinegar extract with five herbs for balancing hormones and soothing cramps
+ Stridolo seeds for your garden from our friends at Grand Prismatic Seed (GPS)

Aries (April):
+ Rosehip-infused honey
+ Dream time herbal blend in a hand-sewn pouch
+ Cottonwood comfrey massage oil
+ Orach seeds from GPS

Taurus (May):
+ Energizing summer tea
+ Art stationary cards
+ Culinary infused oil with garden herbs
+ Tomatillo seeds from GPS
These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.