Rikki Longino

Founder & Events Coordinator

They | She

"I have seen elements of a healthy ecosystem intersect and support one another. Sometimes in life we interconnect and compliment our companions in this same way. I founded The Mobile Moon Co-op in order to foster a diverse community learning together and co-creating a deeply-rooted culture of regeneration."


Events Enactment

They / Them

Zey grew up in Washington DC and moved to Utah in 2018. Their mission at the Mobile Moon Co-Op is to invite diversity through inclusion and interactive events and to preserve culture in all its forms. They believe that difference can be positive and when we elevate our voices we are able to share the very best parts of humanity.​

Eliza Van Dyk

Market Maven

She | They

"I grew up on Hopi and Diné lands in Arizona. I moved to Utah for school, where I became entangled in the climate justice movement. As a young organizer, resilient desert ecologies have inspired me to see hope and healing as processes of justice. I believe the Mobile Moon Coop is a space that cultivates this hope and healing through community building with the living world. I am really excited to contribute to this space."

Quinn Graves

Membership Manager

She / Her

"I'm originally from Utah and continually fall deeper in love with this high-desert, mountainous ecosystem I'm lucky to be a part of. My interest in regenerative gardening, herbalism, and all-things-plants started five years ago at the University of Utah's Edible Campus Gardens. Since then, I've continued to delve into these interests and love to spend time lending a hand to help the Mobile Moon Community thrive. I hope to continue my education in plants, permaculture, and herbalism so I can teach others the resilience that growing food can bring to everyone's lives."

Rye (Riley Sayers)

Administrative Ecologist

+ Produce Patron

She / They

"I am a newly rooted transplant to Utah. I grew up in Ohio, and I will forever adore Columbus, more affectionately known as Flavortown or Franklinton (occupying, most recently, Shawnee, Miami, and Wyandotte lands). I am a militant organizer for protest and People's protection. Though I grew up in contempt of agrarian spaces and agriculture thanks to socialization and schooling that celebrated and elevated white supremacy and multidimensional toxicity through rural nationalistic identities, through food sovereignty movements, radicalization, and intersectionality I now find community and peace in permaculture and landscapes of all kinds. I love restorative justice, community care organizing, and rehabilitation imagination - accountability, joyful militancy, mycology, soil science, and street strategy are always on my mind and manifested through my passion for particularly pointed writing."

Molly Jager

Moonboxes Director

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Charlotte Pili

Art Director, Illustrator,

& Zine Editor

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"During the summer of 2019 I joined the collective and am the main lady behind the Mobile Moonbox. The Moonbox is a monthly subscription to a box of herbal products harvested, hand picked, and curated by hand.
I also offer tarot readings with custom herbal infusions inspired by the cards.

Art Director, Illustrator,

& Designer

She / They

"Participating in a group of mindful, compassionate creatives in a multidisciplinary way has been a dream of mine for a long while. I am currently collaborating with Rikki on illustrating the Major Arcana deck: Fruiting Bodies Tarot and working remotely from Michigan with the MMC contributing creative content and design. In my spare time I enjoy growing herbs, making interactive art, and creating spaces that facilitate community building and induce curiosity."


She / Her

"I am an artist and educator from the Pacific Northwest, currently living in Washington. I work primarily with clay and plant-dyed textiles, but can often be found making drawings, photographs, collages, cards, pies, and songs, too. At the heart of my work is an interest in the places where art and environment meet, points where creative practice responds to the ecology, geology, and seasonal rhythm of a place."

Kendall Marchant

Tea House + Shop Manager

She / Her

"I'm from Austin, Texas and joined the co-op spring of 2019. I’m working on turning the bus into a functioning tea house and I’m hoping to start doing farmers markets and more bus-related events in the near future. I also enjoy creating tea and cocktail menus for different events we host. I’ve been a barista for years, and I enjoy putting that energy into my work with the MMC. You can usually find me serving my own tea blends & drink creations at most of our events."