Rikki Longino

Founder & Membership Manager

They | Them

Rikki founded the Mobile Moon Co-op in order to foster a diverse community of learning together and co-creating a deeply-rooted culture of regeneration. Rikki has studied Environmental Humanities and Urban Ecology at Whitman College and the University of Utah. They have worked at five non-profits in the Wasatch Valley and currently work at the SLC Public Library as the Garden Coordinator and Seed Librarian. Rikki can be found hands in the dirt, face in a flower, pockets full of seeds, and teeth munching spinach any given day. They are motivated by the way elements of a healthy ecosystem intersect and support one another; by the way that cycles wax and wane and the Mobile Moon Co-op is an expression of their passions and dreams.

Yasi Shaker

Events Manager & Moonbox Graphic Designer

They | She

Yasi is an artist, dancer, herbalist, and sociologist. They can’t just choose one project or issue to focus on, so they work on all of them all of the time. They co-produce the Moonboxes, create labels for the products, organize the events and creating content for the social media and of course play and farm on Moonstead. Yasi is also sociology Ph.D. student at the University of Utah where they study food justice and sovereignty. They have a background in psychology, organic farming, community organizing, food justice strategizing, and facilitating spaces for healing and reclaiming our pleasure and erotic self through dance.
Yasi is always in awe of plants’ wisdom and they love learning about the healing properties of plants and making herbal medicine with friends. They absolutely love being part of this queer and femme-centered cooperative that practises critical love and community-care.


Moonbox Coordinator

She | They

Daley is a creator, maker, art-doer, lounger, & casual herbalist with lots to learn. She is blown away and inspired by the community care, medicine/knowledge sharing, & ever-giving and growing energy that the Mobile Moon Co-op has. She has found their groove in product-making and moonbox coordination within the co-op.
Often found tabling at markets, she loves hanging & talking herbs, queerness, and art with curious folks.

Zine, Website, & Social Media Editor

She | Her

Charlotte was the creator of the Moonbox with the aid and support of Rikki. It is now being managed by the Moonkins that still reside in Salt Lake City. She makes the layout for the Zines of the last two years with occasional aid of Luca, the original editor of the zines! Also she is currently tending to the MMC Instagram and website.
Now living in the south of Chile, Charlotte has fallen in love with the crafting of heirloom quilts and blankets using noble materials and learning to reuse fabric scraps and adding color to her creations using natural dyes.


Events Enactment

She | Her

Independent Artist, AMEA (@ameamusic ) writing and performing with the mantra “Inspire Love Dream” in mind, captivates her audience with introspective performances, production and lyrics.
While on break from touring, AMEA serves her community through Education and Innovation. (

Muralist & Graphic Artist

She | Her

Caro is an artist that has recently gone rogue from her career in the architecture world to follow a new and ever-evolving path of her own making. She has a background in organic farming and a deep fascination with the way native and local plants make places feel the way that they do. Caro's work is to help people return to themselves in a way that feels like coming home, through connection with the immediate environment and the present moment.
She was drawn to the MMC as a way to come back to the joyful place that farming creates, to connect with the land, and instead found an entire community of passionate humans. There is a place where education, art, the natural world, the environment, and community come together. The Mobile Moon Co-op is a rich example of that type of place and Caro is so honored to be a part of it.


Events Manager

She | They

Camlyn was drawn to the Mobile Moon Cooperative following some yearning for earth, space, rest, and community/ancestor connection.

Camlyn's work experience is in media arts, community engagement, and education. She is a high school teacher, an associate film producer, and a trainer/consultant in equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. She also volunteers on the board of Awakening Valley Sangha and the ACLU of Utah. Camlyn is so excited to support the Mobile Moon Cooperative in their events and community outreach. 
Camlyn enjoys dancing, laughing, good food, interviewing people, reading, and mostly spending time with herself and loved ones. Be well. Rest. Enjoy. Love. 

Jenny Beaudoin

Finance and Accounting Records

She | They

Jenny is a dancer, explorer and behind the scenes cheerleader. They currently manage MMC's finance and accounting records. They have a background in business operations, data science, and alternative measures of success. They are humbled by each moon kin and the gifts they share with the collective.
Jenny is inspired by healing through movement and connection. They can be found at any open farm day, hoeing, harvesting, sweating, or stretching.

These team members helped the Mobile Moon Co-op get to where we are today and are either off exploring other horizons now, or support on occasion as they can and deserve acknowledgement!

Tia Mitsinikos

Events Coordinator


Tia is an urban farmer endeavoring to cultivate a more respectful relationship with the land and be a conspirator in disrupting the exploitation of capitalism and white supremacy. Finding the MMC’s values to be in alignment with their own, Tia joined with the dream of movement building. They love the synergy of collaborating with community members to co-create events of all natures.

Kendall Marchant

Former Tea House

+ Shop Manager

She / Her

Kendall is from Austin, Texas and joined the co-op spring of 2019. She was working on turning the bus into a functioning tea house and hoping to start doing farmers markets and more bus-related events in the near future. Kendall enjoys creating tea and cocktail menus and helped the MMC with many different events we've hosted. She's been a barista for years, and enjoys putting that energy into her work. You can usually find her serving her own tea blends & drink creations.

Events Coordinator

She | Her

Shalandrea Houchen is our newest Event Coordinator at The Moon. Shalandrea is a LA born NYC raised performative artist that uses everyday objects like black hair, it's accessories and vibrant media to express her love, hate, fear, and confidence. Through musical theatre she lets her spirit flow to create works (paintings, sculptures, installations, etc.) meant to revie, bring humor, and show where we are in our society.
As founder and Director of What's Ya Vibe? She will be coordinating our private and public events; collaborating with our community to co create spaces of sustainability, wellness and all the offerings we hold.

Quinn Graves

Website Manager

She / Her

Quinn started her journey into the magical world of plants at the University of Utah's Edible Campus Gardens. She became the Lead Garden Steward and worked to tend the gardens, coordinate volunteer events, and workshops, and managed produce deliveries to the Campus Food Pantry. Quinn has been involved with the MMC since its inception and has worked for multiple organizations and farms that focus on regenerative growing practices.
Quinn is drawn to the MMC because of its core focus on accessible botanical education, aid, and empowerment. She wants everyone to be able to access education about growing plants and stewarding the soil because it is a form of beautiful resistance that has given her a purpose and passion in life. She loves bringing people together to learn about how being with the soil and the life it creates can heal our collective selves and the world around us.

Molly Jager

Former Moonbox Stork

She / Her

Molly is an early childhood educator and budding herbalist living in occupied Goshute and Eastern Shoshone territory. Her work and studies are fueled by a love for surrounding ecosystems.
Molly is working to create/curate Moonbox products that will help folks strengthen their connection to their communities and ecosystems. She has had a big ol' crush on MMC since she met Rikki in 2018, and is feeling very excited to work with a group of people who similarly value education and empowerment through botanical stewardship.

Riley Sayers

Administrative Ecologist

+ Produce Patron

She / They

Rye was a newly rooted transplant to Utah from Ohio, and a militant organizer for protest and People's protection. Though they grew up in contempt of agrarian spaces and agriculture thanks to socialization and schooling that celebrated and elevated white supremacy and multidimensional toxicity through rural nationalistic identities, through food sovereignty movements, radicalization, and intersectionality they now find community and peace in permaculture and landscapes of all kinds.
Rye loves restorative justice, community care organizing, and rehabilitation imagination - accountability, joyful militancy, mycology, soil science, and street strategy are always on their mind. Rye was drawn to the Mobile Moon Co-op for oh so many reasons, but most of all in admiration and adoration of the community focus that integrates holistic and compassionate care and the empowerment of queer, femme, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in addition to organizations that are for the liberation of the land and the People.

Organization & Design

She / They

Oona is an artist, herbalist + mycologist keen
on the intersection of people, plants, and place.
Oona has long desired to be ensconced in an environment where all of these interconnections are recognized, valued, and modeled in waking life, and has found a home for that in the Mobile Moon Cooperative.
In relation to the MMC, Oona participates remotely in website stuff and design, but can be found in the dirt with the seedlings, or wherever needed when in the area. She is also in collaboration with Rikki on the Fruiting Bodies Tarot Deck, putting pen and paint to paper.
In her spare time, she enjoys growing herbs, making interactive art, and creating spaces that foster curiosity.

Eliza Van Dyk

Finance Coordinator

She / Her

Eliza grew up on Hopi and Diné lands in Arizona. Growing in the Southwest, she became entangled in climate justice movements while marveling at the resilience of desert ecologies. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies and a Gender Studies minor. Equally as important as classroom time have been her experiences learning and taking action with communities across the region who are fighting extraction, injustice, and co-creating just ways of being. Inspired by plants and people alike, Eliza joined the Mobile Moon Co-op in 2019 eager to learn more about herbalism and participate in community-based resource redistribution. She is interested in wealth/resource redistribution as a strategy for environmental justice. Her goal is to support the Mobile Moon Co-op in creatively directing resources to ecological care, community healing, and solidarity partnerships.

Zey Reneé

Events Enactment

She / They

Zey moved to Utah from Oregon in 2018 to build a quality life surrounded by a community. In school she studied Environmental science and left to pursue travel in Oregon, Alaska, and Hawai'i where she lived, worked, and studied sustainability within intentional communities.
It was during her stay at a farm community in Southern Oregon where she found a sweet spot for herbs and plant medicine. When she moved to Utah, she met Rikki and joined the Mobile Moon cooperative with a vision to provide educational resources that are accessible to everyone.  
They value relationships with the land, its people, and the energy that is required for our communities to protect and preserve its natural resources. Zey is inspired by music, language, dance, and trains Afro-Brazilian martial arts. She is engaged with the local Salt Lake Capoeira group and teaches classes for kids at Youth City.
Contact Zey for inquiries on events and/or educational workshops!


She / Her

Maia is an artist and educator from the Pacific Northwest, currently living in Washington. She works primarily with clay and plant-dyed textiles, but can often be found making drawings, photographs, collages, cards, pies, and songs too. At the heart of her work is an interest in the places where art and environment meet, points where creative practice responds to the ecology, geology, and seasonal rhythm of a place.