Donations to the Mobile Moon Coop will go towards growing infrastructure at the Moonstead, daily operations management, and nurturing the network of support.
​We deeply appreciate any and all contributions!
Here is a list of items that we could have great use of and mightily appreciate!
Used items in good condition are more than acceptable.
Anything we have too much of or don't need, we will pass along to someone who does!

Moonstead Equipment



-Wheelbarrow / Garden Cart

-Garden Hoes

-Garden Forks

Tea Shop + Bus Supplies

-Organic or home-grown Herbs

-Tincture alcohol (vodka, brandy, etc...)

-Beeswax and oils for salve-making

-Books and zines

-Clean jars, tincture bottles, and salve tins

Please contact us at
if you have any item(s) to donate so we can touch base to coordinate drop-off or pickup!