Returning from a month long sojourn throughout the Southwest.

It was a whirlwind of a journey through deserts of many flavors (Moab red rock, Albuquerque high Ponderosa, Dinétah, Tucson Sonoran, and Mojave Anza Borrego), to the San Diego Pacific ocean in her fits of rain and coastal flooding, to the Santa Cruz/Bay Area lush Redwood forests, and back through the cold open moonscape of Nevada. We landed safely in Salt Lake City feeling like we had just stretched the fabric of time and reality.

At each destination we offered a different kind of activity centering a different member of our traveling community circus. It was all tied together with herbal tea and botanical products from our farm. Caro taught an intuitive painting workshop in Moab and had a soothing musical show with in Albuquerque. In Candy Kitchen, New Mexico on the Navajo Nation (Dinétah) Daley collaborated with local farmers to host an herbal medicine workshop where we went on a plant walk, harvested medicinals, and made salve and honey candy in a traditional hogan. We traveled to Tucson and spent the day stitching and mending with Charlotte at a community event space. For the Winter Solstice, Rikki hosted a ceremony and shared a dinner with the POC Fungi Community. And in Santa Cruz we held our final event: an intuitive dance/movement workshop by Yasi at SubRosa Community Space where we ended up leaping through the steady rain in an expression of rampant joy. Each of our events was hosted with tremendous gratitude, grace, and flexibility and we couldn’t have done it without all of the support we received. 
^ some sweet memories of our tour ^
Now that we are home in Salt Lake, we are envisioning the season to come. Our fires have been stoked and now we are blowing on the embers, planning our movement, staying warm, spreading stories of resistance and healing, preparing to melt, inoculate, and sprout fresh.
In 2023, we hosted over 60 events; tea parties, workshops, community markets, dinners and dances. We built a bathhouse and a community gear shed. We acquired a trailer and converted it into our mobile apothecary. We created 12 moonboxes based on the zodiacs, each containing four or more products. We hand-harvested many pounds of fresh herbs and hung them to dry in our greenhouse. We infused oils, mixed tea blends, soaked tinctures, and made art. We ended the season with 36 members, all of whom continually support us in creating the world we want to inhabit. 
In 2023 we redistributed $5,837 to our community partners. One of said partners, The InspireLoveDream Academy has now been adopted by Houston School District to be a “college and career readiness program”. And our other partner, Charlotte Pili was able to purchase a camera and document the Cold Moon Tour with high quality footage so that it can be made into a short film.

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