become a part of a supportive cooperative
Membership Tiers
Soil & Mycelium
Tier Benefits

Bi-Annual Digital Zine Subscription


Member Only opportunity

to propose our monthly

Solidarity Recipient


Voting power on major MMC decisions

Tier Benefits

Soil & Mycelium Tier benefits


One Apothecary product,

piece of MMC merch

or new art

crafted by Moonkins

every month

Hedge & Bush
Tier Benefits

Herbaceous Tier



A monthly


of handcrafted

botanical products

Canopy Trees
Tier Benefits

Hedge & Bush Tier



Privileges to schedule

the Moonstead for personal

projects, meetings,

and events

The Mobile Moon Co-op's Mission
The Mobile Moon Co-op is a female and queer collective that aids communities and ecosystems through education, empowerment, and botanical stewardship. Our team offers services (informative workshops, event and gathering space, herbal and ecological resources), physical products (monthly subscriptions for Moonboxes and quarterly community zines), ​and the opportunity to be part of a nature-based movement. 
What does it mean to be a Mobile Moon Coop Member?
When you become a member of this group, you become a part of our web of relations.
As a cooperative, we are stronger together.
Every moon cycle the MMC partners with another community entity and donates 1/3 of our proceeds to them.
As a member of the Mobile Moon Co-op, your monthly contribution helps sustain this, and you also have the option to pitch your story to the collective and receive the support you or your community needs.
Each month, we will present a list of organizations, individuals, and projects that would benefit from our support. We can fundraise for individuals (e.g. a relative facing medical bills), small organizations (e.g. Farm-to-Prison Project), large organizations (e.g. The International Rescue Committee), etc. as long as it falls into alignment with our mission.
As a member, you also have the ability tovoteon what you feel is the most deserving cause of the month. Becoming a Mobile Moon Co-op Member weaves you into our fabric of support and healing. It is the active practice of mutual aid and community stewardship.
Depending on which tier is chosen, members can also receive product and service discounts, zines, art, access to personal use of the Moonstead space for appropriate purposes, and more.
The Ecology of the Membership Tiers
Ecosystems require diversity, interconnection, and mutualistic relations to thrive. Our community membership tiers reflect different layers of a thriving forest from soil and mycelium to the tallest canopy trees. Each tier contributes to the whole system. No matter which category you select, your role as a part of this network of life creates a reciprocal balance of efforts and inputs. The tallest trees cannot survive without the smallest microbes and soil particles making a nurturing foundation.
How do we use the funds we receive?
Memberships fund the maintenance and regeneration of our happy herb farm. We practice permaculture and don't use chemical fertilizers. Members are also supporting our collective of female and queer practitioners and herbalists in their pursuit of honoring the earth.
Memberships in Hedge & Bush and Canopy Tree tiers receive a monthly Moonbox. 30% of Moonbox profits go toward our monthly Solidarity Recipient.
Baseline costs of the Moonstead are about $400/mo, so your contribution keeps the (solar) lights on and supports the daily work of our core team. Your contributions go toward creating more educational opportunities for our community and beyond!